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FlashBak is a product of PulseWave Technology

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Every day in this country, bicyclists are injured or killed because the driver of a motor vehicle didn’t see the cyclist in time. Bicyclists are not visible enough to drivers. Often, drivers are unable to see bicyclists until it is too late to avoid a serious accident.

The need to ensure bicyclists are more visible is the reason the FlashBak Lighting System was invented. A standard bike light can be seen for approximately 500 feet, but the FlashBak can be seen from a distance of 1 mile or more. This increased visibility gives drivers additional time to avoid hitting bicyclists.

The FlashBak Lighting System is safety device that attaches to your hydration pack, backpack, shirt, jacket, etc. and provides much needed additional lighting and safety. The LEDs are made of a specific color, which is easily seen by the human eye. The flashing is visible both at night and day.

The FlashBak is so versatile it can be worn by anyone who needs to be seen. A bicyclist can wear it over a backpack, or over a water-pack, or normal riding clothing. Skiers can wear it attached to bulky ski clothing. It is adjustable and will fit any size person. The FlashBak has a battery pack that can be stored in a backpack itself, or even in a pocket. The off/on
switch is conveniently located so that runs over the wearers shoulder, it can be turned off or on when needed, without removal of the backpack. The FlashBak uses ordinary AA batteries(X3), which are readily available everywhere.